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e. , a communication, and generally a collection of spoken or prepared communications, for case in point as used in catalogue, dialogue, monologue, prologue, analogue, and so on. From Greek logos, phrase or explanation. malapropism – the incorrect substitution of a word by a very similar-sounding phrase, ordinarily in speech and with amusing outcome, typically employed as a comedic machine in gentle-entertainment Tv set demonstrates and other comedy types. The term derives from a character named Mrs Malaprop in Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s 1775 play termed The Rivals, whose strains commonly integrated this sort of problems.

Other writers, notably Shakespeare, earlier created use of the approach without having naming it as these. Lord Byron in 1814 is said to have been the 1st to refer especially to a writing custom malaprop as a mistaken phrase substitution. The term is far less commonly termed a Dogberryism, right after the watchman constable Dogberry character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, who makes comparable speech problems. matronym – a identify derived from a mom or woman ancestor.

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From Latin mater, mom. Also called a metronym.

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See also patronym . meta- – an significantly prevalent prefix referring to the use of substitute or ‘hidden’ forms (terms, language) instead of what is usually seen or openly accessible. The escalating frequency and level of popularity of the ‘meta-‘ prefix in language is significantly owing to the laptop age, by which so quite a few types of communications are coded, or accompanied by hidden processes/day/and many others. Meta is Greek for with/throughout/[named] after. meta-concept – the fundamental or authentic or concealed that means of a communication or details/info/presentation, as distinctive from the message at first taken and most certainly witnessed in the conversation. See meta prefix . meiosis – customarily equating to litotes – i. e. , intentional sarcastic/humorous understatement, which often consists of the use of double-negative, (for instance, “Which is not lousy.

” which means very excellent) to emphasize or refer ironically to the remarkable mother nature of a little something, by suggesting the opposite. Meiosis is a late-medieval English expression, originating 1500s, from Greek, spelt and indicating the exact same (meiosis = understatement), from meion, which means significantly less. metaphor – a term or phrase which is made use of symbolically to symbolize and/or emphasize a different word or phrase, commonly in poetic or remarkable crafting or speech, for illustration, ‘his blood boiled with anger’, or ‘his eyes ended up glued to the display screen in concentration’. A metaphor is related to a simile , except that a simile takes advantage of a word this sort of as ‘as’ or ‘like’ so as to make a comparison, albeit possibly really exaggerated, while a metaphor is a literal statement which are unable to possibly be accurate.

‘The criticism felt like he was drowning in a flood. ‘ is a simile, while, ‘The criticism was a drowning flood. ‘ is a metaphor.

Meta is Greek for with/across/[named] right after, for this reason the Greek translation/derivation of metaphor, metaphora, from metapherein, to transfer. metasyntactic – a specialized description referring to the use of substitution text in language when for whatever rationale the actual word(s) simply cannot be recognized, both via lack of time, care, knowledge, or permission, and so on. See Meta prefix. And syntax . See also placeholder names . meronym – basically a meronym signifies ‘part of’, for case in point, a window is a meronym in relation to a residence, and a hammer is a meronym in relation to a toolkit.

Extra exclusively a meronym is a word technically referring to a component of a thing but which is utilised to refer to the whole matter, for illustration: ‘All palms on deck’ (in which ‘hands’ are a aspect of each and every crew member still the word is used, as a meronym, to refer to the crew users), or ‘Feet on the street’ (in which ‘feet’ is a meronym for the people today, who are on the street’).

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