Wilcuma is a team of epicures, aesthetes, and business stalwarts innovating the hospitality industry.

Our team reimagines familiar food and beverage experiences, inspiring tradition. We impart our diverse industry knowledge to help clients succeed, bringing the same forward-thinking approach behind our concepts and creations to their hospitality business needs. Embodying our industry’s namesake, Wilcuma exists to comfort and excite.

Proprietary Concepts

A distinguishing feature of each Wilcuma hospitality concept is the efficacy in which genuinely satisfying dining experiences are made. Wilcuma’s culinary methods, discerning attention to detail, high-touch service standards, and appreciation for design summate modern hospitality at its best. No matter the concept or location, patrons of Wilcuma can expect thoughtful and exciting experiences where guests come first.

El Condor

Coffee Roasters & Cafe

Full-circle coffee experience revolving around intentionality, comfort, convenience, transparence and impeccable hospitality. We turn a commodity product into a lifestyle brand.


Belle Grove

Microbrewerey & Beer Hall

Experimental methods, eclectic taste. Beer that leaves nothing to waste. Discover beer brewed to perfection through bio engineering that brings communities together in a welcoming brewpub experience. Replete with an in-house selection of local and seasonal brews and thoughtful fare served in a communal tasting room. Select beers available canned.


All About Pasta & Grains

Handmade pasta crafted for excellence. Seasonal flours, premium ingredients. See for yourself—an interconnected kitchen and eatery joins dining ambience with culinary energy to evoke the communal experience of making and tasting pasta. Beyond the counter, Faruno pasta is served at select restaurants and sold by choice retail vendors to be enjoyed even more directly, at home.


THE Sandwich Shop Experience

Fine sandwiches for the taking. Perfectly made in a personable shop.


Mediterranean Eatery

Let’s take a trip around the Mediterranean Sea, shall we? This all-day dining casual concept celebrates history, culture, architecture and culinary traditions from Greece to Morocco, while combining them with modern hospitality.


A Refreshing Cocktail Bar

Classic spirits and spirited conversations. Scarlett is a brighter cocktail lounge experience for those seeking bold libations in a gentle atmosphere.


A New Generation of Sports Bar

Serving coffee, beer, and quality bar food in a space made for the dynamic sports fan. A versatile sports-focused bar; at Stadion, patrons find a unique environment to relax, work or play while enjoying sporting events from around the world, aired day and night.

Wilcuma Hotels & Resorts

Leisure & Retreat Reimagined

Just imagine for a moment: a true local immersion for a few days off the grid, to really discover a place and reconnect with simple pleasures, while yet enjoying all the comfort and convenience the modern traveler deserves. Yes, we want to go too!…


Our Capabilities

Planning: Project management, pro-formas, construction/fit-out strategy and support

Dining: F&B menus, recipe costing & pricing, purchasing and inventory procedures

Resourcing: Selection of key team leaders and assistance hiring all staff

Training: All aspects of training prior to post opening (manuals, mock-up service, education)

Evaluating: P&L tracking and forecasting to support financial objectives

Operations: HR management and payroll; marketing; all supplies; R&M;

Guest experience: Methods for consistently delivering and evaluating high service

Past project involvement:


A game-changer dining concept within the hospitality ecosystem at large, based on the coastal lifestyles of both Basque Country and California. Initial locations in the Greater Los Angeles Area, before Westbound expansion.


Chef Jae Jung’s delicious Korean/Cajun cuisine, launched as a pick-up-and-delivery-only concept and now with a restaurant location in Midtown, NYC.


Concept Development
 and Business Planning

Hands-on Operation: Task Force, Acting Roles

F&B Menu Engineering and Implementation

Efficient Service Manual Materials and Training

Human Resources Policies and Methods

Detailed Financial Analysis

Third-Party Operator Agreements

Special Event Coordination and Execution

A few examples of clients we consult on how to achieve hospitality success:

Amber Hospitality

Newly formed hospitality company with global outreach and ambition. Current developments in NYC and Bangkok.

August Hospitality

First concept up: Yingtao, a contemporary fine-dining Chinese restaurant now open in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

BVC Group

Growing London, UK-based restaurant & hospitality company with a qualitative and comprehensive approach.


Fast-growing boutique coffee roaster and producer in the US, Mexico and South America, committed to excellence.


International multi-concept restaurant company with famous high-energy brands, including Amazonico.


Among the best and most ambitious & dynamic restaurants within the growing dining scene of Houston, TX.


High-end Indian restaurant from Houston, TX, opening a new location in NYC (currently under construction).

Gin & Luck

Acclaimed, foward-thinking bar company operating world-famous Death & Co. in New York City, Denver and Los Angeles.

STARR Restaurants

Leading restaurant group in the US, with a reputation of very high standards of hospitality and guest experience.


Online hospitality training and learning platform from Melbourne, Australia and working with schools and companies all over the world.

Member of Cayuga Hospitality Consultants, the international network of experts and leaders in the field

Real Estate

Site Selection

F&B/Retail Programming

Construction Supervision

Transaction Management

Market Analysis

Expansion Strategy

We understand the relationship between hospitality and commercial real estate, and the criticality of finding the perfect space. Clients look to us as a central hub for every property need.

With early access to property tours, insight into locations’ cultural value, and the skills to negotiate complex deals, our diverse experience helps us cater to every client’s unique tenant needs. As long-term operators, we know how to leverage the power of market data and human connections in the world of CRE. We close on locations with great potential for hospitality prosperity with mitigated risk.

More specifically:
– Tenant/Landlord representation: securing the best terms possible for our clients and advising them throughout the entire process
– Development: as true “retail curators,” assisting Ownership with identifying the right mix of F&B and/or retail tenants for the project and site placement
– Construction: overseeing and managing projects on the Tenant side and/or capital improvements on the Ownership side (scope, budgets, bids, contracts and fit-out supervision)


Currently licensed in New York State and California. Partnering with brokers throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Constantly on the lookout, Wilcuma invests in and partners with pioneering companies that offer something special to the hospitality landscape. We give them the resources within reach to help manifest radical success. More than an investor, we are part of their team.


In hospitality, impressions matter. Here’s what the partners have to say about each other:

Nicolas Simon

“The Professional: devoted to consistency and excellence in every aspect. Thoughtful, refined and humble. The person you look up to, simply the best!” — Mucjon

“The perfect definition of a boss: high competence meeting power and ambition while remaining humble and deeply human.” — Greg


Mucjon Demiraj

“When I grow up I want to be as smart, mature, elegant, generous and kind as Mucjon. Oh, and have his fierce determination on skis!” — Nicolas

“He is the wisest of all, with a very strong determination. The kind of guy you trust and would go to war with.” — Greg


Gregoire Briens

“Gregoire has this unique ability to take care of serious business matters in a very down-to-earth way with an always enjoyable approach; a true gift for his partners, really.” — Nicolas

“A pleasant and humorous man whose wisdom is immediately felt.” — Mucjon



Press Coverage

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3.15.22 – Daily Coffee News
2.17.22 – Eater NY
2.17.22 – Time Out
1.13.21 – Restaurant Hospitality

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